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TJI Campus has been putting on events for the e-cigarette and tobacco industries since 2014. We have held the following workshops:

The future of e-cigarettes, March 2014 in Wiesbaden, Germany

TJI’s brand new event platform, TobaccoCampus, held its inaugural conference on 17–18 March in Wiesbaden, Germany. Present were delegates from all branches and markets of the e-cig industry, covering the pressing topics and bringing dialogue to the forefront. Read more…

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The next generation of e-cigarettes and MRTPs, December 2014, Wiesbaden

In December, TJI’s second e-cig dedicated TobaccoCampus gained an additional four letters in the title – MRTP. But terminologies and new products are not the only thing catching up with growth in the vapour industry, as science leads the way. Read more…

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Packaging and design in the tobacco industry, November 2015, Vienna, Austria

TJI’s Packaging & Design TobaccoCampus was held from 16-17 November in the Austrian capital. The event drew professionals from leading companies in all corners of the tobacco packaging sector to discuss and present their TPD2 strategies six months out from due implementation. Read more…




The 3rd international e-cigarette workshop, February 2016, Wiesbaden

TJI’s third TobaccoCampus e-cigarette workshop in Wiesbaden was disrupted by news of a ruling from the German Court of Justice that nicotine-containing e-liquids would be prohibited from sale in Germany until the revised TPD is implemented in May. Other topics included the future of open systems, recent clinical studies and killer aubergines… Read more…

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 TPD: Update your Business, February 2017, Mainz, Germany

TPD 2 – Update your Business” was the title of the recent TJI Campus – the name of the events platform run by DTZ and its sister publication Tobacco Journal International. Experts from different branches of the tobacco industry listened to and discussed presentations on different aspects of regulation. Read more…

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